Tell Me One Way That You Help Yourself While Helping OthersWhile walking with Stephanie Foo through Forest Park in Queens, New York, we got to talking about her decision to become a “Parks Department Sup…
"Protecting trees isn't altruism. It's a form of self-care."
Let's get nautical.
Plus a few notes from the road—sorry I've been gone so long!
“Everything is beautiful. The world is ending, but it's ok. It's fine.”
Tell Me a Fun Story From Your Teenage YearsWhile I was walking with Emily Gould recently, she told me a fun story about visiting New York at the age of 15: “Sure, there was one moment whe…
"This is beautiful to me. I don't need palm trees. I'm very happy with a rotten banana, a pile of dog shit, and a used condom being my scenery."
Tell Me About a Writer You Wish More People Knew AboutDuring last week’s Walk It Off, I asked Rax King if there was an author who inspired her to pursue a career in writing. She then told me about L…
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