"Protecting trees isn't altruism. It's a form of self-care."
Let's get nautical.
Plus a few notes from the road—sorry I've been gone so long!
“Everything is beautiful. The world is ending, but it's ok. It's fine.”
Tell Me a Fun Story From Your Teenage YearsWhile I was walking with Emily Gould recently, she told me a fun story about visiting New York at the age of 15: “Sure, there was one moment whe…
"This is beautiful to me. I don't need palm trees. I'm very happy with a rotten banana, a pile of dog shit, and a used condom being my scenery."
Tell Me About a Writer You Wish More People Knew AboutDuring last week’s Walk It Off, I asked Rax King if there was an author who inspired her to pursue a career in writing. She then told me about L…
Let's go for another pondering stroll with Zorra, the fox/cat/bear.
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