Tell Me a Fun Story From Your Teenage Years

While I was walking with Emily Gould recently, she told me a fun story about visiting New York at the age of 15: “Sure, there was one moment where I smoked weed for the first time on the roof of some building, and sure I had climbed up to the roof from the fire escape and then had to climb back down high as hell, which was a struggle. Did I think I might fall? Yes. But I was mostly worried about how embarrassing it would be for everyone involved if I were to die in such a stupid way.” The idea of a 15-year-old worrying about their death being “cringe” made us both laugh. But it got me thinking, I’d love to hear some stories from y’all about your teenage years. Embarrassing stories, brave stories, stories of young love or simply something silly. Tell us a story from your teenage years that’ll make us smile.