Tell Me About Your First Walk of the New Year

My first walk of the year was through some woods near an old farm on Long Island. Zorra was with me, and at one point we heard the snapping of a branch. We both froze—Zorra’s ears alert. To our left, through the trees, I saw a herd of deer doing the exact same thing. Unmoving. Still. For a brief moment everything was quiet, and then the deer took off all together and all at once. Zorra pulled on her leash, so I started doing my best to keep up with her as she burst into a run. For a brief moment the two of us—human and dog—were running alongside the herd of deer. Zorra didn’t make a sound, but was clearly overjoyed by the encounter. The deer? Not so much. Soon they broke left and headed deeper into the growth. Zorra and I slowed back down to a walk, and continued along the path.

It was a beautiful moment, and had me wanting to ask y’all: What was your first walk of 2022 like? Or maybe you haven’t had time to go for a stroll yet. If so, what are your hopes for your first walk of the year? Let me know, and know that I’m looking forward to all the walks we have ahead of us. 🍓