"Everyone I know is a different person and, I don’t know—are we all still going to like each other?"
"Choose the important over the urgent."
"The first time I saw the caravans onscreen, pulled by horses, it moved me to tears."
"This is beautiful to me. I don't need palm trees. I'm very happy with a rotten banana, a pile of dog shit, and a used condom being my scenery."
"We're in a human experiment together."
That was tough. Let's go for a walk.
"Oh, here you are in all your humanness and all your awkward laughter."
"In a way, Hell’s Kitchen is New York City’s backstage."
"Grief is a painful kind of gratitude."
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Meet a fox/cat/bear.
Let's go for another pondering stroll with Zorra, the fox/cat/bear.